Key Benefits of BioNail Soft Gel Polish

banner- bionail key benefits glareBioNail is one of artificial nail gels but it is the closest to the natural human nail.

It lasts longer than manicuring, looks more natural than artificial nails, protects your nail in healthy & stronger than hard gel nails, stays for bright complexion, and makes easy for soaking off.

Harmless to the Nail

BioNail is remarkably different from other gel brands in that it lasts more than 3 weeks without peeling-off and  without applying bonder or primer which contains acids and that scratches the nail.  Those ingredients are used in most of other gel brands to prevent from peeling off.   Our BioNail doesn’t use any of etching, bonder or primer.  However, it has excellent persistency (3weeks without peeling off ).  And you can remove the gel easily leaving no damage to the nails.

 Harmless to the Skin

BioNail consists of Base Gel, Color Gel and Top Gel that are easily and fast soak off by absorbance of  acetone or remover and is made of resin, easily removable so it minimizes the damage to the nails and the skin around it, unlike other gel brands that need wrapping the nail for a long time with the acetone or gel remover.   BioNail is a specially manufactured gel and also the remover is made of gel type, while other brands are liquid type; therefore, it can be applied onto nail only, not to the skin around it and the gel is easily removed without damaging the skin.

Harmless to the Human Body

To facilitate the absorption of the remover, other gels usually need to grind the top part of the gel applied to the nail by using files or drills.  In this process, gel powder flies and possibly contracts to the human respiratory tract and skin, which is harmful to the human body and exacerbating the body when they are repeatedly used.  Our BioNail absorbs the liquid so easily, that it does NOT need grinding, filing or drilling at all.