BioNail Soft Gel Special Ingredients

banner -bionail soft gel secret ingredients glareBioNail gel uses special ingredients for increasing Van Der Waals’s Forces and Humectation.  The ingredients are safe for human and it doesn’t produce any pollutant to the environment.

Other types of gels, the hard gels, they are made of mixture of manicure pigment so they smell so badly and some clinical trial report shows that the hard gel includes Acidic Component.  But our BioNail expresses colors by its own extract so there is no bad smell, and at the same time, oxygen and moisture penetration is excellent.  BioNail contains Acrylates/Carbamate Copolymer for skin conditioning plentifully.     Other gel brands have synthetic polymer and Benzophenone-4 or synthetic pigment that are known to be harmful to the human nail.



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