BioNail and The Science of Breathing Nail

banner- bionail the science revealedBioNail is the only nail gel product made of unique science, unparalleled with other gel nail brands in the market place today. Our state-of-the art technology is based on ‘van der Waal’s Forces’ theory.

How our BioNail can bonded to nail stronger and longer than other gel nail without any etching & gluing?   The magic is from our BioNail science.   When we developed the base gel, we applied theory of  ‘Van der Waals’s force’, which is about adhesive strength between objects. There is a mutual interaction, attractive or repulsive electrostatic permanent charges between molecules in a short distance.  By applying this theory, the closer molecule distance between nail and gel, the stronger tie shall be created between nail and gel’s molecules.


BioNail Polish Demonstration Image

The pictures on the right demonstrate that when the adhesive side is wider and its angle is smaller between two objects, it is easier and faster to bond together.

Other gel nail brands employ hard gel type so if you drop gel onto the nail, it would be more likely shown picture A or B; therefore, they need chemical bond for polishing since the bond between gel and nail is weak.

BioNail is a soft gel type so that, if you polish with BioNail gel on your nail, the distance between gel’s molecule and nails’ surface is smaller than 0.5nm.  Thanks to the closer distance, Gel and nail interacts each other and make powerful van der Waals’s force.

Also, BioNail gel is made of Resin. Resin is absolved easily, therefore; soaking off is also done faster and easier than other hard type gels



BioNail (base, color, top gels) has to be passed through cracks on the nail and it makes “Adhesion Behavior” by continuous excluding of absorbed air on the interface. We called it ‘Humectation Function’ between gel and nail. Our BioNail gels use humectation function effectively so then its penetration is faster and stronger than other nail gels.

Ex.)  Comparison of infiltration power betweenbanner - your nail is skin
BioNail gels vs.  Other hard gels

BioNail Gels                279g x 3 (837g)

Other Brand A         236g x 3 (708g)

Other Brand  B        121g x 3 (363g



Photos shown below are comparison between BioNail gel and other hard gel type.  As shown below, the white lines are the molecular structure.  As you can see our BioNail gel structure is simpler so that they make the gel mixing & soaking-off easier, faster, and safer than others.  Since there is no bond between the molecule and wider gap between the structures, blending is also easily achieved

Concept demonstration of “Breathing Nail”

Breathing Nail Conept Demonstration by Withus Inc Korea